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This section of South Carolina River Fishing will contain trip reports and articles about certain techniques and really anything else related to fishing in moving water. Over time, most of the content found here will be supplied by you, the members of South Carolina River Fishing. If you would like to submit an article, you can e-mail me or just post it somewhere on the SCRF Message Board. I can stick it up in this section of SCRF since this is easier to find than things are sometime on the message board. Don't worry about writing your article perfectly either as I'm a pretty good editor!

Up and Down the Combahee- There are some scary things lurking beneath the waters of this low country river. Some good. Some not so good.

The Second Annual Carolina CAFE (Camping And Fishing Expedition)- In May of 2009, Hope and her Dad joined in the fun with the SCRF crew. Click to see a little girl with a big bass!

The First Annual Carolina CAFE (Camping And Fishing Expedition)- In May of 2008, 13 SCRFers gathered on the Broad River for fishing, fun, and fellowship. I hope you like pictures because you are about to see a ton of them!

Lesson's Learned on the River: A River Fishing and Camping Trip- Two young men accompany two grizzled river rats in search of peace, solitude, smallmouth bass, and some important life lessons.

Man, That is One Beautiful Broad!- A great fishing report and some very useful information on South Carolina's Broad River.

Mitchell's First River Trip- Mitchell (age 3) kills some time with Dad and passes an important milestone in life!

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