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This section of North Carolina River Fishing will contain trip reports and articles about certain techniques and really anything else related to fishing in moving water. Over time, most of the content found here will be supplied by you, the members of North Carolina River Fishing. If you would like to submit an article, you can e-mail me or just post it somewhere on the NCRF Message Board. I can stick it up in this section of NCRF since this is easier to find than things are sometime on the message board. Don't worry about writing your article perfectly either as I'm a pretty good editor!

Nip Tuck- Well, it was nip and tuck there for a little while as the author tried to figure out the Tuckaseegee's smallmouth bass. The Tuck offered a surprise catch as well!

Nip and Tuck- Creekstalker tries to see if reports of smallmouth in the Tuckaseegee River are true and is pleasantly surprised at the results!

NCRF Gear Review: The Native Watercraft Ultimate 14.5- All you ever wanted to know about my new boat!

Spring Smallies on the French Broad River- The author explores two sections of the French Broad River for springtime smallies.

Smallies on the South Fork- Mack and Creekstalker take on the South Fork New River and catch smallmouth bass where they ought not be.

The Tastiest Ice Cream Sandwich in the History of the World- Kids, Crawdads, Snakes, Flyrods, In-laws, and what had to have been the tastiest ice cream sandwich in recorded history.

Black River Trip Report- The author fights off yellow flies, drought, toothy fish, and a lightning storm to bring you a pretty good day of blackwater bass fishing!

Brrrrraving Another Spring NCRF Little T Campout- NCRF's intrepid correspondent from our Western North Carolina Bureau braves a cold front in pursuit of smallmouth on the Little Tennessee River.

Fat Fish in Skinny Water- The Eno proves that large things can come in small packages!

Yee Haw!- How to catch largemouth bass that behave like smallmouths on the Haw River.

A Bad Sign- Nice fish on your first cast? Best pack up and head for home!



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